Welcome to 588 Sqn./ Bienvenue à Esc. 621!

Non/Name :   Jocelyn Bernard - 11/26/00 18:45:38
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Sqn/Esc::   67 Sherbrooke
Position::   instructeur civil resp appro
Remarks::   Félicitation pour votre site, très intéressant et bien concu.

Non/Name :   Sgt Saunders - 10/20/00 20:28:27
My Email :   
Sqn/Esc::  121
Position:: flg pty gaurd
Remarks::   hi there you guys look like a good squadron Just want to say hi to taylor who was in my flight at SIC
    chris saunders

Non/Name :   Tom - 09/17/00 00:30:33
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Comments:Thank you for visiting my website Adrien. You have done a terrific job with your site. I enjoyed my visit.

Non/Name :   Peggy Barnes-Rhind - 05/05/00 17:02:23
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Sqn/Esc::   588
Position::   Director
Remarks::   It was nice seeing all the pictures about past and present cadets,you need to focus them so that people can see them better.

Non/Name :   Roberto Emilio - 02/23/00 02:05:39
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Position::   visitant

Non/Name :   Daniel Bélanger - 02/13/00 01:57:55
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Sqn/Esc::  621
Position::   Ancien Officier 1994-95
Remarks::   Je suis bien content de voir le site de votre escadron dont je garde de merveilleux souvenir en tant qu'officier d'approvisionnement et instructeur. En passant je tiens à saluer tout le personnel de l'escadron qui font du bon travail et qui donnent aux j unes l'occasion d'apprendre de nouvelles choses et de les aider a décrocher leurs ailes de pilote. De plus je fais mes salutations au Capitaine Lafrenière, qui a été un collègue hors pair du temps que j'étais officier à votre escadron. De plus, je salut tous ceux que j'ai connus qui donnent encore de leur temps a l'escadron comme moi dans le passé.

Non/Name :   Sgt. Al-Obaidy - 02/11/00 21:34:34
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Sqn/Esc::   588
Position::   flight com.
Remarks::   hey there, wonderful page, but why is there a Snowbird list and not a Sabre list?

Non/Name :   Susan Donnelly - 01/26/00 20:00:10
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Sqn/Esc::   592/588
Position::   WO
Remarks::   I was an air cadet over 20 years ago with 592 Squadron (Amalgamated with 588). I've been to camps, taken part in the oversea exchanges and took flying scholarship. The saying goes... once a cadet... always a cadet. You're right... it is still in my blood My children also have a love for cadets today! Keep on flying!!!
This is a great site! Brings me back 20 + years !! Keep writing and keep flying. Best memories are from 74 - 80.

Non/Name :   WO1 George Csizmar - 01/10/00 22:19:30
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Sqn/Esc::   803 North Shore Sabre
Position::   CSC
Remarks::   Hey,
WO1 C.V., write me soon. You have to tell me where you're going this summer. As for the rest of you at 588, I look forward to seeing all of you at the sports tournaments being held and especially at the mini-olympiad.

Non/Name :   Tammy Adams - 01/04/00 16:21:55
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Sqn/Esc::   588
Position::   ex Trng O
Remarks::   Wow...cool site! I was a cadet and officer from 1985 to 1992 at Canadair. Met lots of great people had a really great time and learned so much that will help me throughout my life. Thank you Canadair!!! I now live in Toronto and miss Montreal very much.... Keep up the TRADITION!!!!

Non/Name :   Cindy Adams - 12/30/99 21:56:59
My Email :   
Sqn/Esc::   135 Challenger
Position::   Trg O
Remarks::   Wow it's great to see that Canadair has a website!!! I was a cadet there many years ago (1988-1992) I'm now in Vancouver and still with cadets. Hello to anyone who I might know!!!

Non/Name :   Jimmy Papadopoulos - 11/29/99 08:18:55
My URL :     http://www.avschool.com
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Sqn/Esc::   588 Canadair
Position::   ex - CPL
Remarks::   Brings back lots of memories from 1989-1992 in wich i served at 588 Canadair at Cartierville (CYCV) Airport back then. (Was the sqdn photographer) now, I'm a pilot! (I finally made it!) Say Hi to all the great people that were there back then. Among them:
- F/Sgt O. Peinado
- Wo2 Levesque
- Maj. Taylor
- LAC Karras (the Greek)
- CDT Dracos
- SGT. S. Levesque
- CPl. Roy
I missed you all - I love you all.

Non/Name :   Mélanie Dutil - 11/18/99 20:09:10
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Sqn/Esc::   884 Malartic
Remarks::   Cool site!

Non/Name :   Rick Kelly - 11/16/99 14:14:25
My Email :   
Sqn/Esc::   588
Position::   WO1
Remarks::   Brings back some wonderfull memories. Please give this to Jim and Barbara, its been a long time. Send me email at above address.
Regds... Rick

Non/Name :   Justin - 10/21/99 23:45:50
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Remarks::   nice site

Non/Name :   J. S. Rainville - 09/30/99 20:00:08
My Email :   
Sqn/Esc::   588
Position::   LAC.
Remarks::   Former 588 LAC
Now going to be joining the RCAF in St.Hubert :)
Say hello to Major Taylor for me!!! (if still there)

Non/Name :   Edmond Tow - 07/03/99 00:49:35
My Email :   
Sqn/Esc::   588/701/796/001
Position::   hmmm ! Have to figure that one out !
Remarks::   Great webpage, Luv the pics
Have a Great Summer Everyone !

Non/Name :   Stéphane Woodbury - 05/13/99 15:23:10
My Email :   
Sqn/Esc::   621
Remarks::   I was a cadet at squadron 621 for 6 years

Non/Name :   Pam Sidhu - 04/24/99 17:18:28
My Email :   http://fly.to/803northshore
My Email :   
Sqn/Esc::   rcacs 803 North Shore Sabre
Position::   Chairperson
Remarks::   Hello,
This is a very nice start to your website. I like the press release about the Effective Speaking and on behalf of everyone at 803, I send out congratulations to WO2 Coiteaux-Valero. I had the fortune to be present when she won at the Regional (in Lasall , QC) and at the Provincial (in Trois-Riviéres) levels. She's a great candidate and we wish her well at the Nationals in Newfoundland in June.
As for the website, thanks for the link to 803. The geoguide banner that you have at the top of the page can be placed at the bottom ot the page for a more appealing look (geocities tells you to place it at the top, but you can get away with it by placin it at the bottom.)
I also like the thumbnail photos. It loads quickly (which on the web is very important.).
Good work Adrien. I've noticed that you've found your namesake (there seems to be another gentleman named Adrien also).
Well, good luck in building this site. I'll check back every once in a while to see what new things have been added.
Feel free to visit the 803 site at http://fly.to/803northshore or http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/3425/ (they both lead to the same place).
Pam Sidhu, Chairperson, RCACS 803 North Shore Sabre
Post Office Box 215, Roxboro, QC, H8Y 3E9
Tel: (514) 685-7779

Non/Name :   Adrien Michaud - 04/21/99 21:31:43
My Email :   
Remarks::   Hi......I was very happy to view your web site - you really have a strange name - OOOPs - that's my name. Enjoyed my visit - I'm taking a cruise in August to Halifax - is that anywhere near your location??? Keep up the good work and enjoy the net.
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